Sunday, July 26, 2015

Companions and Value Mapping

This is the source photo for a value exercise and then a painting. After converting this image to grey scale, I drew the shapes that could be separated and assigned a value using the Munsell system where white is "9".

If you squint, you will notice that some of the areas merge together. For example, the side of the shoe and some of the dog's legs are the same value as the sidewalk. Therefore, these shapes merge. I think this drawing of the defined values is more interesting than the source photo.

I wanted the dog walk to be at the beach, so the colors had to change. Plus I wanted a more investing diagonal separating the sand and the water. So far, the values pattern in the painting does not match the plan. The dog legs and the shoe edge that I was so happy with are a different value than the sand so I will work on these areas and see if the dog becomes less "cut out"

Companions/ oil on canvas board/ 6 x 13/ Low Country

Most of the value changes in this version were darkening the beach. As always, it is so interesting to see how changing one color affects others around it. For example, the blue is the same and yet it looks darker to me in this new version. The dog seems to be moving more here as well. Ready for the next exercise

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  1. Very interesting. This is a good exercise to put on my list.