Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Watercolor of Bluejay and Pretty Pink Iris

Bluejay Study/ watercolor/ 10 x 8.75/ SOLD

This is a study for a larger watercolor of this blue jay. Like most of my paintings, I am working on the abstract/realistic parts of each painting. The red Chinese mark is a stamp that reads my name in Chinese (at least that is what it is supposed to be..could be anything, I guess). I love how pretty it is, regardless of what it says.

Pink Iris Study/ oil on gesso board/ 7 x 5/ HH Gallery

This is another oil painting of the beautiful irises I had in my garden this year. This variety is named "Beverly Sills" and is a no fail for annual flowers. Also, the pine voles that eat the newer iris hybrid tubers seem to not care for this variety (yeah). This is painted with transparent underfloors of indian yellow, quinacridone rose and sap green. This the over layer has white (over the yellow), mixes of quin rose, cad orange (some winsor orange) cad yellow deep and white for the pinks; caribbean blue, olive green, lemon yellow and white in the foliage. The thin lines are made with the sharp edge of a flat brush.

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