Monday, May 25, 2015

Three paintings: Body Surfer, Apple Study Revised, Fishing

Body Surfing/ 4 x 4/ oil on board/

This weekend I worked on a couple of small paintings: First is this little body surfer. I am working on painting enough to be recognizable...

Apple Study Revised/ oil on canvas board/ 6 x 8/ HH Gallery

This is a painting that you have seen before that I decided to revise. I wanted the apples to be "lost and found". However, the previous version was "too lost" so I smoothed out the background and repainted the tops of the apples with more detail before restating the lower apple edges

Fishing/ oil on board/ 8 x 8/

Then this painting was painted over a failed floral. That means that there is no pressure and more freedom to experiment. After all, the board is already a "loss" Again, I want enough to make the viewer do all the work

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