Sunday, April 5, 2015

Repainted Edges

This is a painting that didn't quite work for me (see below), so today, I worked to make the little bird less hard-edged.

I especially like the less defined legs on this newer version. As the bird is made less hard-edged, the beak and eye are more easily seen.

I love the edges achieved by Quang Ho and Carolyn Anderson.
You might enjoy Carolyn's blog (link) that features her beautiful paintings and an interesting thoughtful discussion.


  1. What fun to take an old painting and rework it with lost edges in mind. Your new version is exciting with more movement due to the lost edges. I do like them both though for different reasons just as I like both Carolyn and
    Quang's work for their different ways of losing the edge but was blown away when Quang "fractured" some horses. Good to know he loves to
    experiment. The variety of techniques I see on his website are encouraging because he truly is a master.

  2. What a treat to open my blog after a long absence and find your thoughtful comment. May thanks, Julie