Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Duck, Duck, Duck, Little Brown Duck

This is an image of a Sorolla painting that is from the page above.
The feeling of intense sunlight in this painting is wonderful.

I wanted this light effect in my recent painting "Duck, duck, duck, little brown duck"

Here is a version before I read an article by  Charles Sovek (link)  about the Sorolla's painting of light and color.

 This article reminded me that

Every object in light should be painted a middle-grey value or above
Every object in shadow is painted a middle grey value or below

Therefore, I adjusted lightened the  values of the shadows of the white ducks and darkened the values of the dark duck

Duck, Duck, Duck and Little Brown Duck/ oil on board/ 8 x 10/HH Gallery

I then increased the chroma of the water.

I like how the little ducks "glow" in this painting.

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