Saturday, October 26, 2013

Oil Painting ONE

I've missed some posting days. It has not been because I have missed painting days. My painting days have been a little shorter lately and the paintings I am working on are larger and more complex.

This past week, my painting days were shorter because I gathered the materials necessary to teach this beginning oil painting workshop. Everyone had a private setup and an individual light. We learned beginning basics (palettes, mediums, brush types, cleaning...) and then after thinking about how to create and light a set up we began with value. After learning to see shapes and not objects, and decide whether things were "lighter or darker",  we explored the effect of cool or warm light sources on the same simple setup. There was a great amount of time where there was complete silence as everyone worked on their paintings. This group of students made remarkable progress. As the paintings were placed side by side, everyone had improved even over course of the day. In addition, everyone had successfully seen and painted the different temperatures of light.

For me, this was a great day. My hope is it was as fabulous for each class member as well.
We continue next month and may have some more intermediate painters join us.

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  1. Looks like a great class!! I am always working on my warm and cools!