Monday, October 7, 2013

Market Sunflowers

Market Sunflowers /oil on board/ 6 x 6/ 
There is a time just after a painter finishes a painting, that the painter loses all objectivity about that particular painting. For me, that can be either that I am so "in love" with the painting that I miss all its faults. I can also be so burdened by a painting's challenges that I miss any of its positives. Therefore, I find that I have to "rest" a painting and look at it later with "fresh eyes".

 I spent most of my painting day completing a large commissioned portrait. Currently, I love it. However, it must now be put away to be reexamined later this week. Hopefully, I will be able to post it here then.

This small painting is a challenge to paint a 6 x 6 of market sunflowers. As much as I love sunflowers, I also find them challenging to paint, I have found that red somewhere in a sunflower painting is a plus. I also love to have some of the sun-struck petals use straight white. These sunflowers were stuck in a large white plastic container. I changed the container to make the painting more interesting.

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