Monday, November 14, 2016

Special Holiday Priced Studies

Apple Study #1/ 4 x 4/ oil on gessobord/
will be shipped in a Priority Flat rate envelope

I have a class this weekend of relatively new painters. To help with the expense of supplies, we are working with a limited number of paints. To be as familiar as possible (this week) with these paints, I did a series of small paintings. I also worked on limiting the number of brushstrokes. I used on each study. The galleries where I sell most of my work, prefers larger paintings. Therefore, I painted  4 x 4 boards that I have currently. I am offering these little paintings at what might be an attractive price for a holiday gift.  This is only an online or pickup sale and will be available only until Thanksgiving.
Apple Study #2/ 4 x 4/ see above

Grapefruit Study/ 4 x 4/ see above

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