Sunday, September 27, 2015

Horse Study

Horse Study/ oil on gesso board/ 8 x 6/ Low Country

September has been a busy month!
I enjoyed a workshop of fabulous new students that are all now enrolled in weekly ongoing classes. Plus, I have been involved in the organizational details of a local art sale with several brand new artists that will occur this week. I expect once the sale is done that I will resume more regular on line updates. I have been obsessed (again) with understanding color. I am wondering whether to post some of that information here. Alternatively,  I have been asked about a possible class at Nash Arts. Your thoughts would be appreciated.

This little painting is of a horse that I saw on a day collecting images with Sharon Thorp earlier this summer. The format of the painting was inspired by a painting I saw on line of a commissioned hose portrait. I loved the unfinished look.

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