Monday, March 23, 2015

Warming Up

Egret Study/ watercolor/ 4.5 x 10/ $55
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I have been absent while I attended a workshop lead by Charles Reid. Of course attending the workshop meant time packing and re-packing my supplies so that they could fit into a carry on suitcase, which meant that clothes had to be removed and resorted. Once home, I then had to catch up from the travel and so finally, a week after the workshop, I am "warming back up". So what about Charles Reid? Watching hime paint was just a delight. In person, seeing the amount of water in his brush, in his palette and the speed (actually the slow meticulous application of each stroke) was just wonderful. Interestingly, for watercolorists he uses the sable brushes he describes in his book. However, he uses them to really carry water to his paper: sometimes presetting an area with the belly of the brush so that the paint will flow into this area or handling a large passage with the brush splayed like a mop. AND he uses Holbein watercolors which reconstitute to be wet and juicey  just by spraying with water...very cool.

This is a small warm up (glad to be home).

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