Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Chicken Study

Chicken Study/ oil on board/ 4 x 4 /Buy Here
My sister-in-law asked me today to help her with her computer. Turns out that she wasn't receiving posts from this blog in her e mail. I reassured her that it was a "me" not a "you" problem (as my son says).
I had a small chicken series painted, that were just not good. Today, I got them all out and worked on them. I restated their little chicken eyes, brightened their chicken feathers and housed them in new chicken backgrounds and I love them all.
I hope to have "Twelve Days of Christmas" to include small paintings and best of artist "finds" of 2014 starting Dec 1. I have a week to get these together. I know I have two more chickens to share before then.
Sorry about my absence. I have been painting, just nothing worth sharing....I know the painters understand.

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