Saturday, December 14, 2013

Ho, Ho, Ho

I am working on goals for 2014. I think one of them will be to continue these little studies of impressionistic people. One of my heros, Karin Jurick painted 100 criminals to learn to paint faces in her unique style. Carolyn Anderson didn't tell us how many paintings she painted to learn to paint. Instead, she remarked that "she had done this for so long...." as she masterfully corrected our messed up lips, eyes, legs etc during class. I think 100 studies sounds like a target for 2014. However, I will have to ask people to send me well-lit photo references to get enough material to do this. I would especially like to paint well-lit children for this exercise. These would not be commissioned portraits. For example, the reference Santa of this painting would not find any part of him recognizable in this painting. I even changed the color of his glasses....
Now that he is photographed, I will return to him and fix his nose and the color of his right cheek.
Otherwise, I like him pretty well.
Looking for more Santas to paint!!

In case you are interested, this is the start of this Santa painting

Below is the image that is for sale. I took down the highlight on his nose. Here is the link: