Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Watercolor Wednesday: Clowning Around and Silk Tulip

Clowning Around/ watercolor/ 13.5" x 11"

Large Silk Tulip in progress
This watercolor will be part of my Spring Open Studio series.

Artist Note for WW: This was painted in layers. The first layer was laid in wet into wet but in pieces. The blues and yellows were put in separately to keep them distinct, Details and dimension were then added wet onto dry in the next layers. Finally, areas were lifted out to create the effect of backlighting.

Below is a technique of painting silk in watercolor style (without resist lines).
The artist that seems best known for this method is Karen Sistek (link). I have worked to get this technique working in my hands for the last 3+ months.  After the silk is painted without resist lines, it must be steamed to heat set the dyes and then will be fixed to a canvas (two more procedures that have been tricky to work out.)
I will post these when they are successfully mounted onto canvas.

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