Monday, October 22, 2012

The Progress of a Painting 1

Some days I don't have a chance to paint a small "daily" painting. Instead, I work on larger work and/or other art-related activities that take that time. Today was that kind of day. Therefore I am going to share the progress of this painting. I use a "water board" to stretch and then maintain the flatness of the 140 lb paper through the early large wet washes. You can see it here. It is the silver metal frame holding the paper down.  Attached is a photo grey card which allows color correction of the photo sequence. The blue tape is painter's tape which is the easy to remove type. It does leak a little, but it doesn't damage the paper and it allows a fairly clean white edge at completion and less pooling at the rim of the frame with the large washes. My sketch is drawn in lightly. The foreground and background are allowed to connect in many places to make the subjects look less "pasted on". Flesh is under-painted with cool greens and blues in the shadows.  To be continued.

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